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It’s December, but you’re thinking more about divorce than the holidays. You know it’s coming, but you’re just not sure when. Do you want to file that paperwork before Christmas, or should you wait until the next calendar year?

There are a few sides to this, and it all depends on your specific situation in Arizona. If you and your spouse are not getting along and you really can’t imagine having a good holiday season with him or her—and the in-laws—then it may be preferable to break things off in advance. That’s often less stressful than trying to pretend things are fine or fighting for the month.

There’s also the length of the marriage to consider. In some situations, how long you were together plays a big part in what each party gets. If staying together for the holidays means you’ll get more, it may be worth the wait. If not, and you’ll get the same thing either way, it could be time to get out of that relationship.

Another thing to think about is your children, if you have them. The holidays are a break from school, a time that is supposed to be about family and fun. Some parents wait until after Christmas because they’re worried that a divorce a week before will ruin it for the kids.

Additionally, you may already have things planned, like a trip or a holiday party, and splitting up—and thus having to share the children—can be complicated.

No matter what you choose, make sure you know what legal steps you should take to get divorced in Phoenix.

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