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If you’re trying to figure out how much your spouse should pay in child support after your divorce, you are dealing with a very sensitive issue. Child support is incredibly important to parents in Arizona, but it’s also a point of contention since parents may feel like they are paying too much or not getting what they deserve.

One common reason for arguments is when one person is self-employed. If it is the person who is being paid support, the other parent may claim he or she makes more than is being reported. The same thing can happen when the self-employed individual is being ordered to pay. Without standard salaries and pay stubs, it can be hard to determine exactly how much someone makes in a given month. Also, the amount earned can change drastically from one month to the next.

Another common reason for disagreements is when one spouse feels that not all information is being presented properly. This could include things like daycare expenses, medical expenses and dental expenses. There can also be disagreements about just how much these things cost and what the insurance company should have covered.

Any issue with money is tricky. In some relationships, parents only look out for themselves, and they may not report things properly so that they can pay less or receive more. Even if you’re being honest, your spouse may not believe you, and an argument can spring up about very legitimate costs. To learn about all of the legal options that you have and the different things that you can do to get what your family deserves, please check out our website right now.

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