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Domestic violence occurring within the home is always caustic to any relationship, but it can be particularly disastrous for the development of any children exposed to it. Unfortunately, some spouses with children endure verbal and physical abuse for years hoping in vain that the situation will eventually get better. As time goes by, many of them feel embarrassed that they had not acted sooner.

You need to know that regardless of how long domestic violence has been going on in your household, it’s never too late to seek the help of an attorney to help separate you and your kids from the abuse. An attorney can help you obtain an order of protection that will immediately prevent your abuser from having access to you or your children. Furthermore, an Arizona family law attorney can assist you with relocation if you choose to move away from your current residence and put some distance between you and your abuser.

Alternatively, there are a few things you should know if someone has wrongly accused you of domestic violence. You may feel as though you do not need an attorney to represent you at an order of protection hearing. That may seem logical, particularly if you did not physically abuse your spouse or children. However, you may inadvertently say or do something in your case that could imperil your future options with regards to child custody and child support issues.

In a previous article, we wrote about some of the dangers of people representing themselves in court. In that article, we discussed how parties not represented by lawyers are held to the same standards as lawyers with regards to courtroom procedures and practices. Something as seemingly minor as failing to offer proof to substantiate or refute claims could jeopardize your entire case. You need to know that you may still be able to salvage your legal predicament even if you have previously represented yourself and experienced adverse outcomes.

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