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Brittney Griner is one of the best female college basketball players of all time. Every game was nearly flawless, and she now plays professional ball. Despite her professional success, though, Griner’s personal life has turned into something of a mess. She is now moving toward a divorce after only having been married to her partner for 28 days — less than a month.

The real problem, though, is that a lot of issues have been brought up during the case. These include:

– Domestic violence charges.- A domestic violence conviction.- In-vitro fertilization in order to have a child.- Allegations of things being done under duress.- Allegations of fraud.

At this point, because of all of these things, Griner isn’t even seeking a divorce, but an annulment. She says that her partner put an incredible amount of pressure on her, asking her to get married. She wouldn’t have done it without that pressure, so she says there was duress all the way through the process.

Additionally, Griner’s wife is claiming that she was victimized by domestic violence, coming from the professional basketball player. Griner has said that she also wouldn’t have gotten married if she had realized that her girlfriend at the time was going to claim to have been the victim, painting her in a poor light.

This case could be huge, as it could set a number of precedents for same-sex marriages. Therefore, even those in Arizona who are not basketball fans would be wise to keep an eye on the proceedings. The case will touch on many issues that are common in divorce cases, all at the same time.

Source: KTAR, “Legally Speaking: Brittney Griner divorce case could set same-sex precedent,” Monica Lindstrom, July 15, 2015


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