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On May 25, Maricopa, Arizona, police alleged that one of their own officers committed a domestic assault against his wife and teen son. Police arrived at the couple’s home around 4:00 a.m. after receiving a call. According to police, the defendant’s 43-year-old wife told them that the defendant had caused her to fall by shoving her to the ground. She allegedly injured her wrist in the process.

Additionally, the wife informed officers that the defendant also attacked the couple’s 14-year-old son during the fracas. The boy was reportedly attempting to help his mother. First responders treated the injuries to the wife and the son at the scene.

Most notable in this case is that the 41-year-old defendant is also a member of the Maricopa Police Department. In fact, the defendant has been employed as an officer in that organization since 2007. His currently job is working with the Arizona stolen vehicle task force.

According to the police, the defendant flew into a violence rage during the argument with his wife. He reportedly took a broom and repeatedly struck it against a gate before finally snapping the broom’s handle over his knee. Police say that it is likely alcohol played a role in the defendant’s behavior.

The defendant was arrested and charged with suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage. The Maricopa Police Department has since placed him on paid administrative leave pending their own internal review.

For many victims of domestic violence, the experience often leaves them too rattled to tell others. They may have been threatened with a weapon. Many of them have been subjected to emotional and sexual abuse in addition to the physical beatings. Some feel trapped and don’t know where to turn. Victims need to know that they can avail themselves of legal protections such as restraining orders or orders of protection.

Many women take advantage of orders of protection to compel their spouse to leave their marital home prior to a divorce. Others use the orders to restrain their spouses from stalking or harassing them. Although it is not a perfect system, victims need not suffer quietly. Most importantly, a divorce from a spouse engaging in domestic violence might be in the best interest of the couple’s children.

Source:  Azfamily,com, “Officer arrested after alleged domestic disturbance in Maricopa” No author given, May. 26, 2014


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