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Late last month police arrested a 43-year-old man who threatened to kill his wife during an alleged sexual and physical assault which began over his suspicions that she was having an affair. According to the police report, the defendant assaulted the victim both at their Avondale, Arizona, home and in their vehicle while parked behind a nearby pharmacy.

Police say the man held the victim against her will, choked her and punched multiple times thorough the ordeal which left the victim with physical injuries all over her body including her face, neck and legs. In addition to physically assaulting the victim, the police say that he threatened to throw the victim into a lake despite her inability to swim. The defendant, who is Muslim, told the victim that his religion permitted him to kill her.

Eventually, the defendant fell asleep and the victim was able to escape the residence and summon police using a neighbor’s phone. The defendant was later arrested and has since been charged with aggravated assault domestic violence-impede breathing, assault-intent/reckless/injury, unlawful imprisonment, threatening-intimidation with injury and sexual assault charges. The court has not set a bond for the defendant’s release. The couple has three children together and it is uncertain if the victim has any additional family nearby.

The United States contains a wide mix of people from many foreign nations. Many of those nations of origin have laws and traditions which differ widely from our own. People who have recently immigrated to America should know that there are strict rules against domestic violence here.

People convicted of committing domestic violence can expect to pay fines and even do some time in jail or prison depending on the severity of their acts. Domestic violence may also be acceptable grounds for divorce in some situations. If you have been a victim of such crimes you should know that there are legal methods to prevent your abusing spouse from continuing to harm you or your children such as orders of protection and divorce. You should seek out a legal professional to explore the options which best suit your particular situation.

Source:  Fox 10 News, “Man allegedly claims Islamic Law gives him to right to kill wife” Kim Schriner, Apr. 28, 2014


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