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If you are facing a divorce, child custody dispute, child support modification, domestic violence case or any other significant family law matter, you likely understand how vital it is to have an experienced attorney by your side. The nuances of family law vary from state to state, so you will need to hire a local attorney who is a good fit for you, your family and your unique situation.

When you are initially meeting with an attorney to discuss your case, it is important that you keep several things in mind. Arriving to initial meetings with your attorney with a certain focus will help to determine the course of your case. Once you hire an attorney who seems to be a good fit, you and your attorney will need to develop a strategy for your case and a set of expectations. If you arrive to these planning sessions with a focused sense of purpose, you will place yourself in a better position to navigate your case successfully and with dignity.

First, understand that your case is truly important. No family law matter is ever insignificant. Therefore, it is important that you take strategic planning meetings with your attorney seriously. Before your meetings begin, take some time to think about what you would like to accomplish both in any given meeting and in regards to your case overall. Staying focused will help you formulate important questions and give your attorney valuable input.

Second, make sure that you understand your attorney’s plan and what is expected of you during the course of this legal dispute. If you do not understand something that your attorney is saying, do not be afraid to ask questions. And if you do not agree with something your attorney is saying, do not be afraid to clarify, discuss the matter and state your opinions. While you are bound by the law and legal procedures, your family law matter is ultimately yours to own. If you do not speak up now, your silence could impact the entire outcome of your case once it is decided.

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