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When a couple decides to split, it seems like everyone they have ever known has an opinion about their decision. It can be overwhelming to hear criticisms and sometimes even more overwhelming to hear unsolicited advice from loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers who learn that you are going though a divorce. Most of the time, it is within your best interests to screen this unsolicited advice and only follow that which makes sense for you. However, you should generally follow the advice of professionals helping you through the process, provided that they are competent and experienced.

Attorneys, financial experts and mental health counselors can provide advice during the divorce process that will help you avoid regret when all is said and done. While your cousins, co-workers and caterer should perhaps avoid giving you unsolicited advice, experienced professionals are hired in part to give you advice that is sound and worthy of your consideration.

The Internet hosts a wealth of amateur and professional advice of how to avoid common divorce mistakes. Generally, it is a good idea to follow advice that is given by professionals and professional organizations you trust and to digest amateur advice with a grain of salt.

In the end, you want to behave during your divorce in ways that will allow you to live a healthy, happy, financial stable life once you are single. If a choice or behavior does not fit that goal, professionals will likely advise you to avoid it. All other advice should be filtered through professional, objective and healthy lenses. After that filtering process, what you do with the advice you come across is ultimately up to you.

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