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We have previously written about the importance of taking care of yourself while navigating a family law dispute. Failure to do so can lead you to act in ways that may compromise the outcome of your case. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take excellent care of yourself during divorce or a child custody dispute, for example, as these often challenging proceedings can take a toll on your health. Working to combat these often unforeseen side effects of family law disputes can help you to regain your health and your sanity as well as put you in the best mental and physical place to fight for your dispute-related goals.

First, divorce and other family law issues can impact your sleep. Stress, anxiety and inattention to self care can fuel sleeping problems. However, it is critical that you achieve a decent night’s sleep regularly in order to maintain your physical health and mental wellbeing. If you are not sleeping well, consider speaking with your doctor and/or research healthy sleeping tips online. A number of fantastic resources are available that can guide you to healthful rest.

Second, it is important to reign in your stress in healthy ways. Chronic stress can fuel sleeping problems, dietary challenges, anxiety and a host of other problematic mental and physical symptoms. Make time to prioritize those activities and habits that will allow you to de-stress in healthy ways. Whether you need to simply rest, get outside for a walk, journal, visit friends or indulge in a hobby, if it is helping to abate chronic stress, it is an activity worth your time right now.

Finally, it is important to take care of your body physically by nourishing it in healthy ways and moving as much as possible. Eating well and exercising will help with sleep issues, relieve stress and keep you properly fueled during your family law dispute. It may be tempting to eat whatever is comforting and not to move from the couch. But it is in your best interests to fight these urges at this point in time.

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