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Why is mediation a good idea? 

Being faced with divorce, legal separation and child custody disputes can be overwhelming. There are numerous issues to consider including finances, homes, retirement, debts, family support, parenting time and child support. These issues can cause good people to become nasty adversaries.

A popular saying amongst lawyers and judges is that in criminal law we see the worst people on their best behavior and in family law we see the best people on their worst behavior.

Because of this, mediation can be a good alternative. When a marriage or family is breaking apart, it is rarely helpful to add the adversarial nature of the Court into the mix. This is especially true when dealing with children.

Mediation gives people the opportunity to take charge of their own situation and make their own decisions. With the guidance of a qualified mediator, agreements can be reached that leave both parties satisfied and can accomplish an on-going working relationship that will allow them to both continue to be great parents.

Couples can work together with a professional mediator to resolve all of the issues involved in their family court case. Our mediators make sure that both parties make fully informed decisions about their children, assets (such as real estate, investment accounts, and retirement benefits), their debts, family support, etc. By mediating, couples do not surrender control to attorneys or a judge. Our mediators provide the legal, financial, parenting, and other information needed to make fully informed decisions – and divorcing couples decide what is best for them based on their particular relationship, needs, and standards. Mediation takes place in a safe, collaborative environment, and is significantly less stressful than adversarial, win-lose court-based proceedings.

At Lasiter & Jackson, our mediators’ expertise comes more than 30years of combined legal experience along with being trained mediators. We ensure that you understand all of the legal, financial, parenting, and other issues involved in your situation. We can also help you to effectively communicate and negotiate, explore alternative ways of resolving disagreements, and deal with the anger, sadness and other emotions common to separation and divorce. After a couple has decided everything, our mediators are able to prepare a comprehensive and legally binding settlement agreement.

Mediation is very inexpensive alternative when compared with using two separate lawyers, who require retainers of no less than $3,500.00 from each spouse. Many divorces can wind up costing divorcing couples $27,000 or more in combined fees. By mediating, couples can save money, time and energy. If you are interested in mediation a family law dispute, please contact Phoenix-area attorneys Lasiter & Jackson.


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