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When a marriage is ending and children are involved, it is completely reasonable for the entire family to be concerned about what the future holds. Luckily, whether you and your spouse opt for shared custody, a complicated visitation agreement or any other model of parenting, there are reasons to get excited about newly single parenthood.

Earlier this month, parents everywhere celebrated National Single Parent Day. Though it is not a well known holiday, it is an important one. Single parents contribute to their children’s upbringing in unique and critical ways. It is a challenging job, but one that you can truly grow to love.

As a single parent, you have the ability to make independent choices about how you want to parent. Of course, if your child’s other parent remains a significant part of his or her life, you must take your former spouse’s role into consideration when making certain choices. But if you and your child are spending the day together and you want to take in a movie and the batting cages, you can hop in the car and go. If you want your child to try an exotic new food, you can find a fun way to introduce it. As a single parent, you can truly embrace your own style of parenting during your time with your child without a great deal of compromise with another adult.

In addition, the stresses that led to the end of your marriage need no longer define your relationship with your child. As you move into newly single parenthood, you and your child can live a less-stressful and more joyful version of your relationship. Though single parenthood can be truly challenging, it can also be uniquely rewarding.

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