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In regards to child support collection, most custodial parents in Phoenix and all of Arizona know that the child support payments received each month can be very important to help meet the basic needs of a child and family. When a non-custodial parent fails to pay, those who are supposed to receive the child support payments can suffer financial difficulties. This is one of the reasons that efforts are made by private attorneys and government agencies to obtain collection of payments.

Though there are limits to the methods that can be used by both private attorneys and agencies to collect child support payments, there are several options to pursue. For example, once a non-custodial parent is identified, it is possible to garnish wages, place liens on property or even to acquire tax refunds through an intercept process. Though further penalties are available in many cases for those who fail to pay, the initial efforts at collection center on simply gaining payment for the custodial parent.

If a non-custodial parent continues to fail to pay, they may find that they will be fined or even jailed. Though not common, judges do have discretion in some instances as to the penalties assessed against a non-custodial parent who does not pay their court-ordered child support. These can be determined depending upon the facts of a specific case.

As many in Phoenix and all of Arizona know, child support payments are mandatory once ordered. They cannot be changed without an appeal to the court and a new order. When a person finds that they have not received the child support payments to which they are entitled, they may benefit from a full review of all available collection options,. If you need to collect back child support, contact the attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson.

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