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Arizona child custody disagreements are frustrating issues for parents with different opinions regarding how much time each parent should spend with their children and how important decisions, such as educational or medical decisions, are decided between the parents.

Custody disagreements may lead to high conflict between the parents long after the initial child custody determination is made. A well drafted Parenting Plan from an experienced lawyer can eliminate those future disagreements; thereby saving the parents significant additional stress, time, and money.

The court is required to consider several issues before issuing child custody orders, including consideration and evaluation of the following statutory factors:

  • The preferences of the child(ren) regarding custody;
  • The wishes of the parents regarding custody;
  • The relationship and interactions between the child and each parent, as well as the child’s relationship with all other individuals at each parent’s home;
  • The child’s adjustment to each parent’s home and surrounding community;
  • The psychological and physical health of the child and both parents;
  • The likelihood each parent will cooperate with the other parent exercising parenting time with the child;
  • The extent to which either parent provided for the care of the child in the past, including whether one parent was the primary care provider for the child;
  • The extent to which either parent used coercion or undue influence to obtain custody of the child;
  • The extent to which each parent complied with the statutory obligation to attend the required Parent Education course;
  • Whether either parent has been convicted of falsely reporting an allegation of child abuse or neglect against the other parent and whether either parent has been a subject in an Order of Protection for domestic violence.

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